Splash Liner Notes


Splash is a dance/pop instrumental. Splash is sure to put a smile on your face with it’s infectious beat and hummable melody. Splash will surely introduce Robert to a whole new audience, as this one of a kind song marks new territory for the primarily hard rock songwriter/performer. Splash is the perfect song to wake up to, work out to and dance to! Check out the music video for Splash, which features Robert and his trusty guitar.

Splash is a departure from Robert’s typical hard rock offerings. From Robert: “Splash” came about by accident, it was the combination of two different songs, a dance tune that I had been kicking around since the 80’s but never finished, and a new rock guitar instrumental. I didn’t purposely combine them but one day I was jamming and it just happened!”

Official Release Date January 8, 2018 on RV Records.

UPC CODE: 191924714828 / Catalog Number: RV-2018-1

Written, Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by ROBERT VALDES.

Recorded at RV STUDIOS

All instruments performed by Robert Valdes including Lead Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drums.

Published by Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)


Video Production by RV Video Productions.

Art Direction & CD Graphic Arts Design by Robert Valdes for RV Records.

ROBERT VALDES wishes to thank the following:
God. My wife and kids.