Review by Andrew McNeice

Taken from Melodic website.
Review by Andrew McNeice – 17 February 2003

Robert Valdes has been around for sometime as a writer and singer/songwriter – as far back as 1984 with other bands, and has released some instrumental solo CDs. This is his fifth album with vocals and, like everything else on the album, performed by Robert himself.

This is one of those classic American hard rock albums – the type which thankfully forgets about any trends and just features good honest music of the ages. This is from the old school ideas of big guitars and big vocals.

At times I was reminded of Paul Laine’s debut solo album Stick It In Your Ear, or perhaps the debut Velocity album.
The guitar sound is a highlight – with some thick Eddie Van Halen style riff’s running through the record, topped with some tasteful, well placed solo’s.

Valdes has managed to record an album himself without it sounding like a one-man-band. It’s well produced and evenly mixed, giving the vocals and all instruments room to breathe.

Robert plans to stay in the limelight now, with more recording and releases planned. If he improves with every release, there will be a lot to look forward to.

The album’s running time is the only negative out of everything on offer. A touch of 31 minutes is a little short.
Thankfully though, that leaves no room for any fillers, so if American stadium hard rock with a hard hitting sound and powerful Paul Laine/Sammy Hagar style vocal is your thing then this independent release is highly recommended.