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Review by MontyRob – 21 January 2003

My offical reviews of the great CD Robert sent me in the mail, mind you this is just my opinion of the CD

Face the Truth-First thing that came to mind was “Arena Rock” song pulls you in immediately with the vocals which reminded me of Eric Martin of Mr Big, great harmonies and man can Robert sustain the high notes, The guitar work was consise and had some Dave influence in it with a tinge of George Lynch sound to it as well.

I Want Your Love- Awesome deep guitar sound to start it off, Heavy George Lynch sound and the guitar riffs reminded me of the style used in Loudness- Soldier of Fortune album. This song had me tapping my foot keeping the beat, the 2nd half of the song reminded me of Ratt for some reason, and the ending had me thinking it was Ratt doing “Your in Love” great guitar work Robert I really like this song.

Hypnotized-This is a lighter ballad, I could see myself holding up the lighter and swaying to the song, had a real Stryper feel to it and the vocals had a tinge of Michael Sweet sound, the Solo had Dave written all over it with Roberts own blend of workmanship mixed in but you can tell Dave is an influence, loved the vocals, favorite line is The door to my heart is locked, but you hold the key. Lots of passion in this song.

Love me or Leave me- A jungle music type opening, that then switched into high gear, reminded me a lot of Dokken’s Breaking the Chains, the only problem I had with this song was the Synths… they overpowered the guitar work through my speakers and I felt they took away from Roberts playing.

Terror in the Sky-wow what a heavy bass thumping intro, the solo is just plain spectacular, vocal work is stellar as well, took me a couple of listens to get used to the lyrics though, at first I didnt feel they fit the song but after a few more listens I liked the song more and more.

Close to You-very catchy tune, reminded me of early Trixter with the youthful energy produced.

Lost Control-This is my favorite song, and if this wasnt Robert Valdez then this is Y&T doing Knock you Out. “How many lives did our ignorance cost ?” amazing solo work here, by far the best energy on the album in MY view, would love to feel this one live standing close to the stage because I’m sure your ears would be bleeding.

Alone in the Dark-Instrumental, if you could make love to a guitar then this is it, full passionate lovemaking with rose petals to boot, and you can almost feel Robert playing note for note, the ending came WAAAAY to quick on this song, ends almost abruptly wasnt expecting that.

With the right promotion I think Robert is going have a stellar year just like Dave, the album is solid and doesnt lack in any one area, I’m really hoping he tours my way to catch what I’m thinking will be an exciting live show. Great job and thanks for giving me a copy, I plan on listening to this one for quite some time !!!!