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Taken from Cutting website.
Review by Todd K Smith – 26 February 2003

RV Production mogul, Robert Valdes unleashes his solo effort “Out Of The Shadows” to critical praise. Valdes, a season multi-instrumental talent, spent the ’80s in the hard rock outfit Enforcer. The group become a popular regional club act with such hit single favorites as ‘The Draft’ and ‘Cheater’. As the musical landscape changed in the early ’90s Valdes pioneered RV Video Productions and moved his talents of rhythm and composition to revolutionizing video production. After a decade of financial success Valdes has returned to his musical roots writing, arranging, producing and performing his current brand of retro rock. Resurrecting the classic elements of hair metal in the vein of Bullet Boys meets Dokken meets Ratt, “Out Of The Shadows” blazes a raging inferno with songs like ‘Face The Truth’, ‘Hypnotized’ and ‘Terror In The Sky.’ Guitar-heavy throughout, the disc plays like the best of “Jock Rock”, big production, big songs, big sound. Ambitious as it is, Valdes voice moves from raspy (Face The Truth) to smooth (Close To You). He has his occasional fallouts but over all works well as a one-man band. ‘Alone In The Dark’ closes out the disc with a bit of Ynwie Malmsteen echoing in the guitar tone.