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Taken from AOR Dreamzones website.
Review by Nicky Baldrian – 4 February 2003

This is a very strong eight track album of guitar orientated melodic rock from multi talented instrumentalist Robert Valdes who is from San Francisco, a City that is also known as the hometown to the likes of Journey and Johnny Lima and a City I have always wanted to visit and plan to in the next year.

Robert has previously played for local San Francisco bands Black Diamond, Annihilation and Enforcer. I heard Enforcer about a year ago and they showed potential as does Robert’s new material which has a great production sound coupled with great catchy melodic rock songs that leap out of the speakers and catch your attention right from the moment the first song ‘Face The Truth’ bursts into full gear.

With influences running from Van Halen through to Y&T and Journey and more recently Danny Danzi, you can pretty much make up your own mind how the material sounds. It’s actually closer to Y&T and Danny Danzi more than the other two mentioned bands, especially on opener ‘Face The Truth’. This song is very catchy and hard to ignore, quality well written melodic rock.

Next up is the stomping arena sized anthem called ‘I Want Your Love’. This song is one of my favourites as the guitars cook, again this song is like Y&T and is very good song. This is followed by ‘Hypnotized’ which is a slower melodic piece that glides along effectively. This song reminds me of Loudness and could easily have been on their “On The Prowl” album, are well performed power ballad.

‘Love Me Or Leave Me’ is all cranking guitars, this one is pretty close to Von Groove and Y&T and is well cool, ‘Terror In The Sky’ is another stadium sized anthem in the Y&T tradition, it’s very melodic with more great axe work which is in the Van Halen style.

‘Close To You’ is a fun hard rocker whilst ‘Lost Control’ proves to be another of my favourite tracks. This song is mega catchy and reminds me of Talisman crossed with Y&T and Danny Danzi. The last song ‘Alone In The Dark’ is a classy instrumental played with tons of emotion.

If Robert is looking for a label I advise him to approach Chavis Records or Shire Records, I think he find himself a good home there. Other than that, you can purchase Robert’s album via his website @, go on check it out, you’ll have a neat suprise with this one.