Return Of The Rock Liner Notes

Return Of The Rock is the latest album by San Francisco, independent melodic rocker Robert Valdes. The songs on this album are definitely rock, however the style and delivery is accessible to any lover of great music. Here, we have melodic AOR rock, pop rock and guitar rock instrumental songs. The songs are melodic and hooky, with exceptional performances by Robert. If you appreciate great music, you will not be disappointed with this album.

Available exclusively at the Apple iTunes music store March 2014.

robert valdes return of the rock cd album cover art

Track Listing:

Part One – with Voice

1. Save Mother Earth
2. Over
3. Let Me Go Back
4. Rock With Me Tonight
5. For You
6. Tell Me Who I Am
7. Give Back Your Heart
8. Fight

Part Two –  Instrumental

9. Sanctimonious
10. Road Trip
11. Elektrik Fire
12. Keys To The Kingdom

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Robert Valdes.

All songs published by Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

Recorded at RV Studios –  August 2013 to January 2014.

All songs arranged and performed by Robert Valdes including all vocals, all lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion.*

* Second solo on Road Trip by Paul Camilleri

All songs written by Robert Valdes except: ‘Give Back Your Heart’, written by Robert Valdes, Dan McNely & Rick Martinez;  “For You & Tell Me Who I Am”, written by Robert Valdes and Tom Ford.

Cover Art by Dave Groshelle

Mastered by Rainer Gembalcyzk

Special Thanks: God, My wife and kids, Andrew McNeice at, Paul Camilleri, Greg Zierott & Rainer Gembalcyzk.