Out Of The Shadows

OUT OF THE SHADOWS is the album I released in early 2003. I actually completed it at the end of 2002 but with the birth of my twins, I delayed it’s release until the following year. Many of the songs were written in my early days as a rocker…some 10 even 20 years before. Many have told me that, had the cd come out in the mid 1980’s [as this style of melodic hard rock aka hair band, melodic metal, etc], I probably could have been a huge success. As luck would have it, I was just starting out in the mid 80’s and was a little late to the prom. As I said on my main page, in the early 90’s I put my music career on hold in favor of a more stable life and a career in music and audio production.


80’s Melodic Rock CD



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Out Of The Shadows marked the return of Robert Valdes to the music world as his first new album in five years. Released to critical acclaim, the cd re-introduced Robert to his existing fans, as well as gaining an entirely new set of fans worldwide. Out Of The Shadows combines Robert’s technically brilliant guitar playing, with his soulful vocal delivery.

With such a long time off between musical projects, and no band to back him, Robert decided to record the album entirely on his own in his own studio, no less. From the writing and performing all instruments, right down to the engineering and producing, Robert had complete control of the project. Perhaps this is why the cd sounds so fresh and exciting. Click here to read cd reviews.


Track Listings

1. Face The Truth
2. I Want Your Love
3. Hypnotized
4. Love Me Or Leave Me
5. Terror In The Sky
6. Close To You
7. Lost Control
8. Alone In The Dark


All songs performed by Robert Valdes including all vocals, all lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion.

All songs written by Robert Valdes Except ‘Close To You’ written by Dan McNely, Rick Hunter and Robert Valdes and “Face the Truth” lyrics by Dan McNely and Robert Valdes.

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by ROBERT VALDES

Recorded at RV STUDIOS, San Mateo, CA. October thru November 2002.

Mastered by Grammy Award Winning Engineer, RAINER GEMBALCZYK at Sienna Digital

Photography by VINCE VALDES

Art Direction & Design by Axiom Productions


JD Evans -

I have an 80s heavy metal project distributed internationally called
Letter 7 in Phx Arizona – I am interested in hiring you for the 3rd CD recording scheduled for Spring 2013 – Please let me know if you are available and if/when we can discuss details – Thanks, JD Evans
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