Earth Day Song 2014 – Save Mother Earth

This is my EARTH DAY SONG for 2014. Earth Day is April 22, 2014.

The song is called Save Mother Earth and it is the lead track from my latest album, Return of the Rock.

I have dubbed this eco friendly rock anthem the un official song of Earth Day 2014. The song is in no way shape or form affiliated with the official Earth Day movement as of yet. However, it would be nice if those guys were to adopt this song, don’t you think?

The lyrics are about what one single person can do to help save the planet….going green, recycle, reuse, reduce, conserve, etc.

The song is unassuming enough, however there is a surprise in the middle, not many people will expect.

The last chorus features my children singing.

If you like this song, you will love the entire album. Return of the Rock is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Google Play.

Save Mother Earth by Robert Valdes
Copyright 2014 RV Music [ASCAP]

We live in the same world, everyday.
We walk on the same ground, with every step we take.
Mother Earth is crying won’t you help me save the world.
Let’s get eco smart, it’s now up to me and you.

Change your light bulb.
Planting a tree.
Pay your bills online.
Recycle Glass.
Short showers, no bath.

Help me save the planet.
We must care for Mother Earth.
She’s our world. She’s our home.

We drink from the same well, everyday.
We’re breathing the same air, with every breath we take.
We don’t own this world it’s ours to share then pass it on.
It’s time to conserve and reduce your carbon footprint.

Don’t leave your lights on.
Cut down on junk mail.
Don’t wash your car.
You’ve got to go green.

Help me save the planet.
We must care for Mother Earth.
She’s our world. She’s our home.
We must join together.
There’s so much that we can do.
For our children. For our future.

Thanks for listening!
Robert Valdes
Rock Singer For Hire

Earth Day Song 2014

Earth Day Song 2014