Acoustic Journey Lyrics

robert valdes music

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

(sung from space)
Tough times. Making the grade.
Easy times. Beginning to fade.
Stand tall and never lose hope
Up ahead, there’s a downward slope.

(on earth)
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Never give in when the temperature rises.
Pressure is mounting. Never surrender.
Don’t ever quit. Don’t be a pretender.

Don’t Lose Heart. Don’t Lose Heart.
’cause love is all around you.
Don’t Lose Heart. Don’t Lose Heart.
Love’s everything you need.

Remember to never say never.
These trying times won’t last forever.
There’s a light ahead at the end of the tunnel.
Don’t take the wrong turn or forever you’ll tumble.

So listen to my words.
Speak loud, or you’ll never be heard.
Live life to the fullest, everyday.
People will hear what you have to say.

Repeat Chorus

The only thing that matters.
Is the only thing that is real.
It’s the ones who look up to you.
It’s a force that makes you feel.
When you think that all is lost.
And you can’t go on anymore.
Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose heart.

Repeat Chorus

”I wasn’t planning on writing during the
tracking of Acoustic Journey. I generally approach
making a record by having all material written
and worked out. One day, this song hit me like a
lightning bolt…. I had the entire song worked out
in two hours…”

Words By Dan McNely, Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

Everytime I close my eyes.
I start to think of you.
And all the special times we shared.
How can I show you?

Everything you mean to me.
All my words could never say.
All the love I have for you.

In a world that’s changing.
Who knows what tomorrow holds for us.
All I know, baby.
I want to share my life with you.

Repeat Chorus

Emotions come. Emotions go.Summer haze turns to winter snow.
But my heart has found it’s place. I will never run away.
From your love. From your love.

Repeat Chorus

“Dan and I wrote this song together way back
in the Regime days (early 90’s). He approached
me with an idea to write a song for his bride
and for me to sing it at his upcoming wedding.
I agreed and this song was the result”.

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

Once from the night the poor man lays cold.
Nowhere to stay. No place called home.
Just an onward soul moving place to place.
Time remains, no one can replace.

Once a strong man stood straight and proud.
Now only time can bring him down.
Just a shadow of what he use to be.
Broken life outcast. Is it me…Is it me.

Lonely man come out of your cage.
Show the world what you have to offer.
Don’t sit back for life goes on.
And if you stop….your life will be wasted.

You know that time won’t wait for no one.
And your life is so short.
You can’t stop the hours.
Nor the days can be….be replaced….

“Everytime I pass a homeless person on the
street, I can’t help but think of what their story
might be and how they got there”.

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

On this day, you’ll be standing next to me.
With no doubt, that our love is meant to be.
Take my hand, and lead us on our way
As we share this very special day.

There’s love in my heart,
That I never, ever felt before.

With this ring I give, To you my love, my life to live.
I’m giving you myself completely.
On Our Wedding Day.
As I say my vows to you,
You’ll know that my love is true.
I’m giving you myself completely
On Our Wedding Day

As we kiss, you cry a single tear.
I think about all the many happy years,
We will share, as we journey into life
On this day, I am making you my wife.

“I always wanted to write a wedding ballad.
And since, Words Could Never Say is more less
a love song, it didn’t quench my thirst for writing
a true wedding day ballad. My dream finally came
true with this song”.

ACOUSTIC JOURNEY (Find My Way Back Home)
Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005
Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

I’m feeling so much pain and sorrow.
I live as if there’s no tomorrow.
But I can’t explain what happened to me.
I find myself on some strange journey

If I could find my way back home.
Then I could be so strong, I would be so strong.
Why can’t I just find my way.
I wanna be there today. I wanna be there today.

There’s a path ahead that lies before me.
I once was blind but now I see.
But I still don’t know where the path is leading.
I’ll continue on this Acoustic Journey

“I have a re-occuring dream where I am trying
to find my way home. In the dream, I feel so helpless
and alone. The dream usually ends with me at
a fork in the road. I wonder if I will ever find my
way home in the dream”.

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

When I look in your eyes
It comes as no surprise
The girl I dream about is you.
Every day and night
I wanna hold you tight
The Girl I dream about is you.

I want you always near
“Cause you are so sincere.
The girl I dream about is you.

To my twin baby girls
and my unborn son,
The ones I dream about are you.
I feel your love in my veins
Your my Sun when it rains.
The ones I dream about are you.

I want you always near
“Cause you are so sincere.
The ones I dream about are you.

”This is a corny little song I wrote ages
ago when I first met my wife. Originally
the lyrics only mentioned her. I updated
the lyrics to add reference for my offspring,
but I made sure to keep the lyrics as
equally corny as the original ones.”

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2005 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

I never realized the danger
of playing with fire.
When I started runnin’ with the wild ones
I led a life of sin and desire.
I fell into darkness. There was no light to see

Then he lit my way.
And showed me a better way.
To live my life more righteously.

Sometimes I worry about tomorrow.
Will I ever make it through the night.
But then I turn to friends and family
To tell me everything’s alright.
We’re spreading the good news.
We’re reaching out to you.

He died for our sins. Upon the cross.
He carrys the burden of sin for us.
You’ve got to believe and honor his name
He can save you to. Just open up.
And he’ll light your way.

Prayer in numbers can work miracles.
So find the time to pay.
When you receive him you will feel his
Blessings each and everyday.
Recieving his mercy and finding his grace.

Then he’ll light your way.
And show you a better way.

“I make a conscience effort not to mix
religion and politics in my business affairs.
When it comes to my music, sometimes I
cross those lines.

Words & Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2003 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)

There was a time when
I thought that all love was untrue.
Then came the night that I met you.
And all the dreams of what I hoped could be
Have suddenly turned into reality.

Do you know what I see
when I look into your eyes?
The girl of my dreams
You’ve got me hypnotized.

Take you in my arms, hold you tight.
I’m never gonna let you go.
This is the love that two people share.
And it’s growing more and more.
The door to my heart is locked.
But you hold the key. Can’t you see?
I’m falling in love with you.

“Originally concieved as an acoustic song,
Hypnotized got the power ballad treatment on
my 2003 cd Out Of The Shadows. I appreciated
the opportunity to revisit this song and create
something more in line with my original vision.”

Music by Robert Valdes
copyright 2004 – Robert Valdes Music (ASCAP)


“I originally wrote this song for
Out Of The Shadows. I recorded an ‘emulated’
acoustic version of it on electric guitar
but ultimately decided to leave it off the cd.”