Melodic Rock Vocalist-Guitarist-Producer

Robert Valdes is a San Francisco, Bay Area based melodic rock singer, guitar player and producer. His style and delivery are firmly planted in the rock, hard rock and melodic pop rock of the 1980’s. Robert Valdes is the most unknown, world-class rock guitar player and songwriter. Not ever mentioned along with the known greats [Joe Satriani and Steve Vai to name a few]. But make no mistake, Robert has the songwriting, producing and playing chops of the aforementioned, without the discography to prove it.


Robert’s latest release is Splash. Splash is a dance/pop instrumental. Splash is sure to put a smile on your face with it’s infectious beat and hummable melody. Splash will surely introduce Robert to a whole new audience, as this one of a kind song marks new territory for the primarily hard rock songwriter/performer. Splash is the perfect song to wake up to, work out to and dance to! Check out the music video for Splash, which features Robert and his trusty guitar.

SPLASH dance/pop instrumental

Robert’s Music